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(BRAVE BLOG) What's the best charity for wounded veterans?

There are a few charities out there helping veterans on the road to recovery. Let us know if you have had a good experience any of these charities or if you have had a bead experience. Leave your comments below or reach out to us. (email: medic@bravesupplies.com).

If you are a veteran visit click this link for our Veteran's page for the contact info for your local VA chapter to get the aid you need.

Please reach out to us if any complications arise with getting the aid you deserve for your path to recovery. (email: medic@bravesupplies.com).

Thank you for your service to the USA and we are eager to serve you.

Cover photo: Times West Virginian photo by Tammy Shriver
Participants help hold the Patriot Memorial Flag on Saturday as the 30-foot by 50-foot flag is raised on its flagpole for dedication at the future site of the Korean War Memorial on the Gateway Connector.

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